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Rating: CD-A

Tossed into a universe not of thier own, 7 children must cope with the history and hidden terrors of a world that exists outside of time: where everyone has a secret and some would to kill to keep them locked away. But as they settle into their new home, a terrifying evil waits to make its move. "TT" is the story of these 7 children and how an accidental adventure changes each of their lives...

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01-07-2010, 6:42 PM

Long story short, go to and vote for it to win Best Animated Web Series! You can do this once a day until January 22! Every vote helps, so please spread the word, and a big thanks to those who have already been voting!

There will be a video on the site probably sometime tomorrow regarding this, but I also just got a Mac so things are pretty hectic at the moment. There are also a few new episodes I hope to get out soon once I get situated with the new computer.

Thanks everybody!

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